Saturday, November 27, 2010

$25 for starting a new kid's savings account

I did this deal this afternoon. I takes a bit of work, but could be well worth it. I was going to set up an account for each of my kiddos, but ran into a bit of a road block. I went through all of the steps and set up account #1 then I went to set up account #2 and had to enter all this security question junk just to get to a screen that said something about there being a problem with my account and to call 1-800-something-or-other. I called and the very nice customer service rep said the had to verify my regular checking account before I could open any more accounts. This will involve them depositing some change into my checking account and then me signing into the new ING account and entering the amounts they deposited, so they know it's really my account. He didn't see that the $25 had immediately been deposited so he went ahead and put it in there. He also gave me a code to use when I set up my other kids accounts so that I will be able to take advantage of the $25 credit next week. Sigh! So, you see this entails a bit of work, but if I spend and hour on it that would be $100 for an hours work. Not to bad! You will need your bank routing number, account number, ss#, and kids ss# to set these up. 
Open a Kid’s Savings Account with ING by November 28, 2010, and they’ll put a $25 bonus in the account. You only need to deposit $.51 to get the $25.00 bonus! Here’s how to set up the account:
Go to ING and click on the ING Direct Logo in the upper left hand corner.
Then, click on the “Save Till You Drop” Black Friday graphic.
Click on the Kid’s Savings Account option and it will walk you though the steps to open up an account.
Once you’ve signed up and deposited the $0.51, the $25 bonus should show up right away. The $25 bonus begins earning interest as soon as you open the account and is available for withdrawal after 30 days.

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