Monday, January 24, 2011

Chasing Elephants: Book Review

 What do you believe about homosexuality? What about social drinking? Is it possible that social drinking could be acceptable for one Christian and not for another? Do you know why you believe the way you do and where these issues are addressed in the Bible? Brent Crowe addresses these issues and more in Chasing Elephants: Wrestling with the Gray Areas of Life.
 This book starts out covering our freedom in Christ and what that means. Crowe says, "As a Christian, your freedom is a powerful, sacred, and even mysterious trust given by God. If we don't seek to properly understand our freedom in Christ, we can cause division and hurt within the Christian community and be poor representatives of Christ to those outside the faith." After Crowe gives the reader a better understanding of their freedom in Christ he moves into addressing the elephants in the room. He uses a grid of 16 questions to ask yourself regarding each elephant you face. Some questions are answered with the first question, Is this decision within the moral will of God or has God already dealt directly with this issue in Scripture? Other questions, such as social media and the internet that are not directly dealt with in Scripture require asking more questions in the grid. Crowe does a wonderful job showing the reader how to answer these questions for them self without pushing his own beliefs and convictions on the reader. If you are unsure of why you believe what you do or if you have questions about how to believe on any issue then this book will help you to answer those questions. I enjoyed this book and will add it to my rotation of books I want to read again in a few years. :)
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