Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly House Cleaning Schedules

 Back in the days of one small child I was able to keep my house clean, laundry clean and put away, and dinner cooked without a schedule. I didn't wake up and wonder what needed to be done that day. I just got up and did it. Fast forward to now~four kids later~ it takes a lot of planning for me to stay on top of things. Without a schedule I will wander around in circles not knowing what to do. Well, maybe I know what needs to be done. It's just overwhelming to think about or maybe when I do think of a task to do I get distracted and then forgot what I was doing. One of my new year's goals is to get back on schedule! I find a weekly cleaning schedule works best for me. Mine looks like this:

Make bed.
Start a load of laundry
Empty dishwasher
Spend 30-60 min on one specific cleaning task

Monday~ Bathrooms  (I only clean my own bathroom, the kids are responsible for theirs.)
Wipe down sinks and counters. Clean mirrors. Scrub toilet and bathtubs. Empty trash. Clean floors.
It's a good idea to keep some cleaning supplies under the sink so you can do a quick touch up if needed during the week. Spend 10 min. working on a deeper cleaning job~ under sink, baseboards, etc.

Tuesday~ Bedrooms (kids are responsible for their own rooms)
Wash sheets. Clean clutter off dressers. Dust. Look over closet and straighten up clothes. Spend 10 min. de-cluttering.

Wednesday~ Kitchen
Empty and wipe out refrigerator. Clean all clutter off counters and wipe down counters. Wipe out microwave. Sweep and mop floor. Wipe off the fronts of appliances and cabinets. Empty trash. Pick one cabinet or drawer that needs organizing and spend 10 min. working on it.

Thursday~ Vacuum
Vacuum or sweep all floors. Dust family rooms and any other rooms that need it. Spend 10 min. de-cluttering and organizing these spaces.

Friday~ Extra Rooms and Meal Planning
Write out next weeks meal plan. Catch up on any missed cleaning. Work on laundry room, pantry, guest room, and/or playroom. These rooms should have been dusted and vacuumed on Thursday, but might need a little more attention.

A clean house just seems to make for a more peaceful home. Maybe I'm just a nicer mom and wife when everything seems clean and under control. :) If you are behind on your cleaning you might need to spend a couple hours each day for a few weeks focusing on each specific area to get it under control.

Check out this website for a more detailed weekly plan.

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