Monday, May 23, 2011

Save Money Monday

This saving money tip is so easy. Anyone can do it!
Drink Water.

That's right, Drink Water!! By drinking water with 2 meals and snacks each day we save an average of $11.50 each week. This doesn't even include the money saved on doctor visits and dental fillings that are prevented by our extra water consumption.

Money Saved Example
Before water diet:
Milk~ 3 gallons a week, $10.50
Apple Juice~ $4
Sweet Tea~ $2, making it 3-4 times each week.
Soda~ $0 (We don't buy soda. We get our soda fix at Nana's house on the week-ends)  ;)
Total: $16.50

After water diet:
Milk~ 1 gallon a week, $3.50
Coconut/almond milk~ 1/2 gallon a week, $1
Apple Juice~ $0 (I only buy %100 juice when it's free with coupons)
Sweet Tea~ $.50, making it once per week
Soda~ $0
Total: $5.00

Savings: $11.50

I know drinking water can be especially unpleasant for some children. My kids would like to drink soda with every meal. They would probably put it in cereal if they had their way. Thankfully, they have not thrown any fits or even complained much about our water drinking habits.
Do you have any tips for getting kids to drink more water?

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