Saturday, March 12, 2011

Future Christian Homemakers ~ Lesson 1

Update: Future Christian Homemakers is now charging for their e-book. We will no longer be using this material as our guide, but their lessons are wonderful. The moms in our group will now determine what we cover in each class. I will continue to post about our lessons here. Enjoy!

Lesson one is all about eggs! You can find lesson one here.
Some things we made sure to cover were:

  • Wash your hands before cooking
  • Pull your hair up, nobody likes hair in their food
  • Wear an apron to keep your clothes clean
  • Cracking eggs
  • Beating eggs
  • Egg safety & salmonella
  • Washing dishes and clean up
Beating egg mixture

The girls enjoyed making french toast. We fancied up the recipe a bit by adding vanilla and cinnamon. We also used homemade bread. Yum! They served the french toast with orange wedges.
French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar
Clean up time!

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