Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Target deals

I stopped by Target tonight and found a couple of good deals.

You can get 2 bottles of 7th Generation dish soap for $.69 each when you use 2 Target coupons ($1 on 7th Generation products) with the $2/2 7th Generation products coupon or you could get the disinfecting spray for about $1 by using the Target coupon and the $1/1 7th Generation disinfecting product.
You can get Suave shampoo for free by using the $1 on any Suave product coupon (print it twice). When I used this coupon tonight it beeped and the register said something like, 'no product purchased for coupon'. I'm guessing it did this because the shampoo is priced less than the coupon value, but the cashier knew I purchased it so she put the coupon through for the whole amount, $1. I had a couple of other items so the overage was covered.

By the way, you get weird looks when you try to take pictures of products in Target.  :)

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